A fast SAN is the key to fast virtual machines.

Get fast SAN storage hardware

you need for maximum data storage advisors.

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A fast SAN is the key to fast virtual machines. Get fast SAN storage hardware you need for maximum data storage advisors.

Virtualization Advisors has fast SAN's to meet your budget.

SAN Storage Systems

EMC VNX Series: High-performing unified storage with unsurpassed simplicity and efficiency, optimized for virtual applications. With the VNX Series, you'll achieve new levels of advisors, protection, compliance, and ease of management.

VNX 5700


Leverage a single platform for file and block data services. Centralized management makes administration simple. Data efficiency services reduce your capacity requirements up to 50 percent.


Optimize for virtual applications with VMware and Hyper-V integration. Wizards make deployment easy – you’ll provision a 1 TB VMware data store in less than 10 minutes.


Provision hundreds of Microsoft Exchange mailboxes in just a few clicks. With integrated support, you’ll diagnose issues automatically and resolve them quickly and efficiently.


Take advantage of Flash-optimized advisors from an all Flash array to using Flash drives for extendable cache and in the virtual storage pool. High-bandwidth configurations are ideal for data warehousing.

Software Suites

FAST Suite - Improves advisors, boosts storage efficiency, and lowers costs by automatically tiering and serving data from the most cost-effective drive type.

Local Protection Suite - Delivers any-point-in-time recovery of production applications with minimal data exposure. Use copies of production data for development, testing, reporting, and other tasks.

Remote Protection Suite - Provides block and file replication for disaster recovery protection of any host and any application, with immediate DVR-like recovery to any point in time.

Application Protection Suite - Automate application consistent copies of Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint, and Oracle for assured recovery. Alert for recovery gaps and prove protection policy compliance.

Security and Compliance Suite - Protects data from unwanted changes and other actions. Data is encrypted where created and protected anywhere outside the server. File-level retention supports compliance.


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Virtualization Advisors is an EMC Partner and has the VNX and VNXe systems and related software suites available.

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