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Is disaster recovery and business continuity on your radar? If all of your servers and critical enterprise applications went down today would you be prepared? DR Maximum Solution

An Inconvenient Truth
Gartner Research found that 93% of organizations that have experienced significant downtime and data loss are out of business within five years. The inconvenient truth is that human error is the #1 cause of data loss. 

Virtualizing Disaster Recovery can reduce your risk by shortening the backup window, minimizing downtime and failed restores.  This gives you more control and improves IT efficiency while avoiding blame and embarrassment.  Additionally, virtualized Disaster Recovery provides the benefits of quick and easy virtual machines recovery on different types of servers in different locations.  You can reuse existing servers for the recovery site to save money.  Keep servers powered down until they are needed to save on power and cooling costs.  Virtualization makes testing easy to copy, clone, and replicate system resources without downtime. 

Getting Started

Fortunately, virtualization software, affordable SAN’s, and fast Internet bandwidth make it easier to protect systems on a budget.  Virtualization Advisors has developed an ecosystem of tested and supported products and services called DR Maximum that eliminates the time, expense, and guesswork of developing a custom disaster recovery solution.  DR Maximum has been tested for compatibility and tuned for maximum results.

  • Virtualization
  • Datacenter Services
  • Backup Software
  • Storage
  • Continuous Application Availability
  • Services

You can select the combination that best suits your needs and budget while having the peace of mind that it will all work as designed.

Start a conversation with Virtualization Advisors if you are looking for a partner that can help guide you through virtualized backup, disaster recovery, and business coninuity.  Use our professional consulting advice based on practical experience to maximize your savings and return on investment.  You can leverage our expertise to avoid the pain and frustration that can arise from doing it yourself.

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