American Land Lease needed to have a

Disaster Recovery Plan

to cover IT in case of an emergency.

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American Land Lease - NYSE: ANL uses Virtualization Advisors virtualization consulting, datacenter hosting, and disaster recovery services to meet shareholder expectations and regulatory compliance.


The Challenge: American Land Lease needed to have a disaster recovery plan to cover IT in case of an emergency.

The Need:  As a publicly traded company, they have a responsibility to shareholders, auditors, senior management and employees to ensure that they are able to continue operations in case of a disaster.  American Land Lease requested that Virtualization Advisors conduct a technology assessment to determine the best course of action.  The requirements were to keep all systems up and running 24x7x365 during normal operations and be able to restore all critical systems in case of a disaster within a couple of days. 

The Plan:  The decision was made to virtualize and migrate all business critical systems to the Virtualization Advisors datacenter.  Virtualization Advisors is responsible for all day to day operations of all enterprise applications and systems.  This includes all aspects of server management, security, backup, remote access, patch management, etc. 

The Results:  This enabled American Land Lease corporate IT staff to focus on creating business value by supporting end users, investigating new business systems to develop, extending web marketing efforts, and reporting and communicating with management.  In addition to meeting end user expectations for system advisors and availability, the company was able to streamline the annual Sarbanes-Oxley audit. 

The Bottom Line:  American Land Lease not only met all of its backup and disaster recovery requirements but it also experienced faster advisors which improved user satisfaction.

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